Monday, September 27, 2010

The Power of "Win"

If you are a regular fan on Bob's Blog (we have some room on the couch for newcomers) you might be wondering what's up with the photo of DJ Kahled. Why is a rapper on this site that talks of sports and tech stuff?

The answer is in three letters: W-I-N. The DJ has a catchy tune with Ludacris and Snoop that has become a popular song for sports teams. I thank the Greensboro College softball team for turning me onto it last Spring.

In addition my GC teams winning at 74-percent clip on the weekend, it was a very good run for Bob's football teams.

-My alma mater, San Diego State, beat Utah State 41-7. The Aztecs 3-1 start is the best in 28 years.

-UCLA surprised all and took the Texas Longhorns to the woodshed in Austin. This seemed impossible when the Bruins were 0-2 two weeks ago.

-The Rams broke a 14-game losing streak and hammered the Redskins. It's nice to see your NFL team block and tackle for once.

What occurs after such a successful weekend?

There's more bounce in your step on Monday morning. The smile is wider when you greet co-workers.

Early in the afternoon, you start to believe:

-SDSU fans have been waiting long enough. Brady Hoke can bring a bowl, if not a championship to the Montezuma Mesa.

-USC is down, way down. LA is ripe for a Bruin Pigskin renaissance.

-The NFC West is weak, maybe the Rams can prevail.

Winning is the serotonin for the sports fan's soul! Hope springs eternal in the Fall.

Here's the CLIP, enjoy.

Good luck to YOUR teams.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Can't Accept the Underdog

Two non-BCS teams enter the season in the national top 5 and BCS Establishment (note capitalization) raises an eyebrow.

Boise State then beats perennial power Virginia Tech and all heck is breaking loose in the sham that is the monopoly of major college football.

This whole Bowl Championship Series shindig has been closed card game for the fat cats since day one. The system (I use that term with tongue in cheek) has been a misdeal to many dues-paying institutions since its outset.

The fact that Boise, Hawaii, Utah and TCU have made a huge dent in the BCS calamity has been simply amazing.

Newspapers, talking heads and radio shows this week have all chimed in how unjust it would for a BSU to play in a BSC championship.

And I say BS.

Pundits say the upstarts from the MWC and the WAC:

-Don't play a tough-enough schedule.
-Would lose 3-4 games in the SEC.

Sorry, establishment, your syndicate wants no part of scheduling these teams that have defied the odds. Your best offer is "two games at our place and one in you home." Old habits die hard and this scheme has been prevalent long before there was a thing called B (C) S.

These teams haven't had a much of a choice where they are located or which conference they are in. Unless the SEC recruits Hawaii to join, there should be no discussion on the point.

Perhaps the upstarts would lose three games per year in a big time conference. But maybe these teams would do better with the resources afforded the BCS teams.

These are just irrelevant points.

It's not if a matter of "if" yet a challenge of "how soon" we get to a real determination of selecting a national playoff.

Every other league does it fellas. It's called a playoff. Let's do it.