Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fabulous Football Friday

Friday, November 26 will go down in infamy as one of the best ever days of college football. Let's revisit some of the highlights.

Uptight About Uprights

Did Boise State kicker's field goal really go wide right? The boot at the end of regulation was much higher than the high-school-height uprights. Like many of the calls in the game, this "miss" favored the Wolf Pack.

In the officials' defense, this has to be one of the toughest calls in football. Replay should probably be in effect for such plays, but not sure that would've mattered.

Yet it's the WAC and Karl Benson who are red-faced. The WAC looks like the Bush League by not requiring higher goal posts. Wethinks there will be taller yellow uprights in Reno in 2011.

Greensboro College lost to Guilford in overtime on a similar call in the 2006 Gate City Soup Bowl. But that's NCAA Division III football with a little less on the line.

Friday's Loser: Boise State

Not playing in the national championship? Check.

Not winning the BCS lottery? Check.

Yet the highlight of the Bowl season would've been the undefeated Broncos heading to Pasadena to face Ohio State. Remember, OSU Pres Gee just dissed BSU and their "sisters of the poor" schedule.

I would've paid for the cross country flight to see BSU wax the elitist Big Ten team. It would've happened, trust me, I promise.

War Eagle Comeback

Yes Auburn's comeback at Alabama was impressive. Most of the free world, however, wanted to see 'Bama roll and one of the outsiders (TCU, BSU) get a shot at the brass ring.

We all hear how great the SEC teams are. However, a more efficient Tide team should've been ahead by 40 points int he first half!

If the SEC and its teams are so great, why didn't Alabama pounce Auburn when it had the chance?


On Friday I heard a radio analyst utter ridiculous banter. He said even if Auburn lost in the SEC Championship, they should go to the BCS title game.


Let's says Oregon, BSU and TCU all ended up undefeated. You should take a one loss Tiger team riding a one-game losing streak ahead of undefeated clubs?

"Boise and TCU could not withstand the SEC schedule week in and week out," he pontificated.

Really. We'll never know because geography and elitism would never allow such a dynamic.

By the same token, we will never know if an SEC team, with much fewer resources, much fewer future NFL athletes, with much less tradition, could go 14-0 in the WAC or MWC.

Don't Drink BCS Kool Aid

I implore you to turn the channel, page or station if you hear that current structure of the FBS/BCS is a reason to keep the status quo--or is somehow responsible for the Fantastic Friday.

Fans should not have hope that one team loses so that its undefeated team can get a shot at a championship. All undefeated teams should be included in a playoff.

It's happening today in the FCS, Division II and Division III. Imagine that...

A championship among current FBS teams would have the thrills of Friday and the excitement and pageantry of March Madness. It would also bring more money to college athletics than anything we've ever seen.

How much longer do we have to wait for a playoff?

Future NBAer Singleton Leads FSU

FSU 97, UNCG 73 -- Singleton Gets Triple-Double

By Bob Lowe

Greensboro, N.C. – Chris Singleton had a triple-double and a game-high 22 points as Florida State (2-0) defeated UNC Greensboro (0-2), 97-73, on Sunday.

Singleton also set a new school record with 10 steals. He added 11 rebounds and six assists. His triple-double is the first in the Atlantic Coast Conference to feature 10 or more steals. He is the only ACC player to record one in the Greensboro Coliseum--home of this year’s ACC Tournament.

“Hard work paid off, and I was really into the game tonight,” said Singleton. He was 7-14 from the field, and made all seven of his free throws.

"Chris contributes for us when he’s not scoring," said FSU Head Coach Leonard Hamilton. “He is quick and has such long arms that he makes things difficult for opponents."

Singleton joins former Seminoles Reggie Royals and Bob Sura in the exclusive FSU triple-double club.

FSU got off to an 8-0 lead and led 46-29 at halftime. The visitors used a 12-2 run near the end of the half en route to the advantage.
"We got off to a good start due the energy of Singleton and (Michael) Snaer," Hamilton said. "We played well tonight and are improving as a team. The one negative: too many (21) turnovers."

Snaer and Okaro White added 16 points apiece for the Seminoles. UNCG got a team-high 16 points from David Williams, who was 7-13 from the field.

“We came out flat on offense and were just standing around on offense," said UNCG Head Coach Mike Dement. "You just can’t do that against a good defensive team like Florida State.”

Aloysius Henry scored 15 and Cody Henegar contributed 12 points for the Spartans.

The Seminoles had 11 blocked shots and forced 26 Spartan turnovers resulting in 32 points. UNCG was out-rebounded 42-39.
UNCG, a member of the Southern Conference, hosts four Atlantic Coast Conference men’s basketball teams at the Greensboro Coliseum this year. This is the Spartans second year using the venerable arena as its home court.

In addition to boosting attendance for UNCG, playing at the site of this year’s conference tournament has been a draw for ACC teams. In addition to FSU, Virginia Tech, and Duke will play at the Spartan’s home floor. Additionally, North Carolina, Wake Forest, and North Carolina State will compete in the arena this year.

"I guess it's good to play here in preparation for the tournament, but I think the exposure on Tobacco Road is more imporatnt," said Hamilton.

"We lost in the first round of the ACC Tournament here last year, so I'm glad we came out and played well in this building tonight," added Singleton.

In regards to being just four short of the extremely rare quadruple-double, Singleton said: “I had one in high school and I won’t rule it out.”

The Seminoles host Gardner Webb on Tuesday. Thereafter, FSU has two more mid-major schools before the University of Florida visits on Nov. 28.

Virginia Tech visits UNCG on Nov. 21.


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