Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pointing Us to a Playoff!

My daughter got me the "Death to the BCS" book for Christmas. I could not put it down and finished it on Dec. 25, 2010.

The book by Dan Wetzel, Josh Peter and Jeff Passan does a great job of exposing a great job of exposing the BCS for what it is: an un-American, unfair money grab by some of the nation's best universities.

I challenge any sane person to read this and still support the sham that is "bowl subdivision."

The book contains many examples and illustrations of why this farce must end. There is, however, one thread that keeps coming to mind for me:

Many Public institutions need taxpayer subsidies to cover the cost of their athletic departments. These schools are doing this when they are well aware that a football playoff could easily support said programs without the taxpayer subsidy.

This fact seems unfathomable in today's economic times.

What can we do about this? Well, you can contact your alma mater and voice your displeasure.

San Diego State University, my undergraduate college, is not part of the "Big Six" conferences that siphon 86-percent of the current bowl revenue. Their conference, the Mountain West, is currently on the outside.

As much as I hate to admit it, if the Aztecs were in the "cartel" (that's the book's fair term) they, too, would likely support the status quo. That's the frustrating part: If you get in the club, all good sense goes by the wayside, and you simply shrug your shoulders and run to the bank with your deposit.

If President Obama just got "don't ask, don't tell" pushed through can he not mandate a 16-team playoff. Executive order!

Already 90-percent of fans dislike the BCS. Yet more grassroots support is needed to keep the light shining on the nuclear-sized roach that is the BCS.

I'm a fan, too, of UCLA and the Pac 10. I plan to write Bruin Athletic Director Dan Guerrero and Conference Commissioner Larry Scott about my BCS opinions.

Additionally, I am a resident of North Carolina. Since there's a viable alternative to help fund athletic departments that go into the red, I will contact my elected officials.

What will you do today to help end the BCS sham?