Monday, August 5, 2013

Quick Social Media Primer for 2013-14

Face it: Most SIDs are jacks of all trades, but master of too few.

There's always someone who knows more on a given subject. Recently I met with Berry College's Director of Social Media Cameron Jordan. 

Listed below are some of tips he suggested for Berry College athletics.

Most of our Facebook posting is done with a simple click of the Facebook box through our Presto Sports website.

However, if you add a photo manually (action shot from a game, for example), and then paste the headline and URL, you will see more activity.

The reason? Facebook users are more likely to click your story link, like or share when there's a photo--rather than just a shortened URL.I'm going to test this out and expect to see positive results.

It's also a great idea to share and like other campus Facebook posts. Additionally, tag the user (Berry Football, for example) for another "best practice." 

Yet I got a better review on my use of Twitter. I still automate the posts through Presto, but I also like to add images at games, and for other occasions. 

General rule of thumb: Users want unique content and photos, people!

I'm looking to expand our Instagram use, too. I may forgo Twitpic and Imagetwit.

Which brings up a good point: Instagram now has video. Once again, the popular Instagram could replace Tout and Vine accounts for many.

Lastly, don't forget to interact with users on all social media platforms. That is the kind of goodwill that will get you a very large "thumbs up" from your community.