Friday, April 22, 2011

Lowe Finds a Career Calling?

The computer network at the fledgling conglomerate of Robert B. Lowe Communications was hit by viruses. This was more of a black plague bug than an upset stomach.

Computer virus buster "Big Mike" of Archdale, N.C. noted: "There's one thing for sure your computer will do: it'll die."

Big Mike is right. If not a virus, a computer crash can cause similar heartache. Having been a PC owner for 20+ years, I knew better.

I lost about 20 hours of recently-completed work and countless personal information. Most notable was the 4 years of personal photo images. (Note: my next installment will be about setting up a virus-preventing system and data backup procedures.)

After the attack--and with our main desktop in the ICU for one week--there was plenty of time to contemplate worms, Trojans and the state of viruses on the digital world. Here are a few thoughts I heard on the subject.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say the loss of money, productivity and sanity is near infinity on this issue.

-Macintosh users don't have to worry about viruses (see update below).
-Virus authors create havoc-wreaking software just to see if they can.
-Hackers are now hitting Macs.
-Microsoft and Windows have not done nearly enough to prevent invasion to their software and our computers.
-Computer virus writers, under the guise of being malware-finders, extort millions from unsuspecting users.

This being said, my new career path should be that of a politician. It would have to be a high-level post because my reign would have to cover miscreants from Kernersville, NC to Kuala Lumpur who seek to ruin your life.

Seriously, what is our government and the rest of the World doing to combat these thugs who exist to hoodwink, extort and steal from good people?

Truth be told, I just read a story that American intelligence forces hacked into to Iraqi computer systems. Certainly computer virus warfare operates at a very high level. Ironically, hacking into your PC has been helped by our tax dollars.

As the self nominated "World Hacker Czar" I would be a hanging judge. Break out old punishments--stoning, tar and feathering, and firing squads--to deal with criminals who are invading business and households worldwide.

My name is Bob Lowe and I approve this message. I'd appreciate your vote!

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